We see people meditate worldwide and some of us believe and some don’t.   Let’s look at all religious buildings like churches, temples all built with high ceilings which help us to gain the power direct from God .   I enjoy sitting on the bench when I walk by a church no matter where I am , If I am in the Orient, I walk into huge temple and find a quiet spot just to stand there .    I cannot say to you how long you should stay because each time I feel a bit different . That’s why sometimes longer up till maybe 40 min. sometimes shorter like 5 min.  My purpose is just to feel first of all the quietness of the building and then I begin to gain calmness and I begin to feel good. I highly recommend everyone to try this, and, it does not cost you a penny.

Calmness means peace , it brings our thinking into positive.   Like playing the piano, when we are so occupied with our fingers ( and plus our right foot for the pedal) we always become tense because we do not want to play the wrong keys and therefore we cannot hear what we’ve played.  But if we first to have a clear mind which means bring out our inner calmness ( like comfort our pets or the infants ) then when we play the keys again we begin to be able to hear the music.

Meditate, specially in a church ( or temple ) let us understand more and more the power from God,  the power of goodness, the power of true love !  If we want to experience further, music, yes, go to good music by Bach,Mozart, Beethoven,Schubert……all the greatest masters and lets feel the power of love from heaven !


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