We see people meditate worldwide and some of us believe and some don’t.   Let’s look at all religious buildings like churches, temples all built with high ceilings which help us to gain the power direct from God .   I enjoy sitting on the bench when I walk by a church no matter where I am , If I am in the Orient, I walk into huge temple and find a quiet spot just to stand there .    I cannot say to you how long you should stay because each time I feel a bit different . That’s


How To Choose A Good Piano

Very often people ask me which brand of piano do I prefer to play on ? My answer is I , of course, enjoy playing a good piano regardless of the name brand.  I love to browse through used piano warehouses because there are countless pianos grands and uprights and there are so many name brands that I even do not know about and not mentioning all those carved wood works on the piano bodies and legs ! A good piano , is not only a piece of combinations of wood and cast iron, brass and steel wires and top